April 14

Well we finally decided to push the button on developing the studio.  The goal is to establish a fun environment for young musicians and bands to produce great demos and get started in the word of music.  Although the studio at this stage is really just a temporary recording space, it will eventually become a permanent studio.

First band in is a great young outfit from Busselton who have 3 songs to demo and hopefully progress their songs from JJJ Unearthed to the opening set at Groovin’ The Moo concert later in May.  Special thanks to SAID THE PEOPLE who agreed to be the guinea pigs and be the first to record at The Shack.  You guys were awesome.

The songs were great but the studio certainly needs air conditioning for those hot Aussie days (it was 40 degrees Celsius that Saturday)!

The second band in was another young band from Bunbury called Save It For The Weekend (aka SIFTW).  These guys were fantastic and put together the base tracks for a 3 song demo.  We had to track these songs in The Basement room.  This was a temporary set-up and not ideal, but at least it was air conditioned!  The guys were very professional and we were able to get the base tracks recorded before finishing off with a well deserved swim in the pool.  We finished off the tracking a week later with vocals and guitars.

Editing and mixing of 6 songs for the first 2 bands was the next priority.  SIFTW put the immediate pressure on to have them ready for their submission to Groovin the Moo … yep, both bands have their sights on this prize and opening the concert in Bunbury.

After several mixes and review sessions, we settled on the final tracks.  Take a listen to the demos in the RELEASE tab of this website.

That’s all for now …