May 14

Said the People returned to The Shack and laid the tracks down for a great demo of a new song called “J Park”.  This session was a bit of hit and run, to get J-Park down and touch up some bits and pieces for Record Spins.  Enter the new bass player … Jaxon Alp.  This was his first session in a studio and is already looking like a seasoned pro.

Following the heat of the first Shack session, I decided to send the Studio Live to Melbourne for some warranty work and some other minor maintenance.  To get through May, I upgraded the desk with a new SL16.4.2 but this time with the latest Active Integration model.  Wow … this is an amazing desk.  It all works so seamlessly with the MacBook Pro.  Gotta love that Presonus and Apple music stuff.

The old desk came back from Melbourne and slotted back into the live rig ready for the next gig or location recording session.

Renovations to to The Shack began with some serious planning and budgeting.  Planning out the control room, tracking room, wiring, air conditioning, etc.  I expect it will be down for a couple of months to get all the work done.  I’m hoping to blog a blow by blow of the renovations to show how it all progresses.

That’s all for now ….