Eagle Bay Jazz

Australia Day long weekend is a great time for chilling out and enjoying the great outdoors and great music.  Last Sunday night, we had a great musical evening with friends in the magnificent Eagle Bay hills sharing a beer and great company.

Marty is a new guitar teacher to the South West and hosted a house warming party for his friends to celebrate the long weekend.  On show was a few very talented musicians with a variety of jazz and folk rock music.

Third Party Audio set up a small PA and captured the performances with a Studio Live 16.4.2 and a MacBook Pro.  The night was challenging with quite a bit of wind to deal with and acoustic instruments with a wide dynamic range.  Speakers were a pair of QSC K10, with each box being internally powered with 1,000 watts of potential power (we certainly did not need that amount of horsepower, but it’s nice to have anyway). Mics includes Shure SM58’s, SM57’s Audix D6 for the kick and a couple of condensers for the drums.  All had to be fitted with muffles to help with the strong wind.

The SL16.4.2 was linked to the MacBook via Firewire 800, and then into Capture.  The included samples were quickly mixed on Australia Day to provide a small sample of what can be achieved with a very simple setup.


Stars and Moon

Marty, Mandy and Brad played a some wonderful improvised jazz to start and end the evening.  Marty kept to his electric guitar, and played some amazing jazz licks.  Mandy blows a massive tuba which was a challenge and real treat to record and mix.  And together with Brad (who is a very skillful and adaptable drummer) provided a great selection of music.

Here is a quick sample of what we enjoyed …






Winter Fish

John and James played a fantastic selection of their own material, with great support from Brad on the drums. Although this was only there second gig, it’s pretty clear that they are a pair of very talented professionals.

These guys have recently recorded and are soon to release an EP.  Both are local musicians with a wonderful lyrics and harmonies, and a great folky acoustic vibe.  Stay tuned for more as they become established in the region.

Check out the samples from last Sunday night.