June 14

Work on The Shack started.

First thing was a hole cut in the wall to fit a control room window.  The twin pane acoustic glass was ordered, but then was delayed due to a smudge on the inside.  Best to get that replaced as an internal smudge would bug me forever.  I recon that will put me back a week or so. The control room and main tracking room got a new coat of paint … and yet again I have the utmost respect for professional painters.  From this point onward, I hereby vow to never be stupid enough to paint another ceiling!

I made all of the acoustic panels in a real cool ‘race car red’.  These were pretty simple … just a basic timber frame, acoustic fiber batts and that amazing red cover stapled over the front.  These were installed from floor to ceiling in the control room and main tracking room.  The end walls and drum booth were covered with a basic black curtain to give the room a nice rock and roll ambiance. It’s all starting to look pretty cool (photos to come at the end of the month).

The control room desk was built with a custom made slot for the Presonus Studio Live 16.4.2AI digital console, and it looks great.  More importantly it’s very simple but functional.

Two sets of monitors installed … the Behringer Truth 3030A and a pair of QSC K10 PA speakers for a ‘cranked up’ option.  1000 watts each if you really want to open the gate let the sound out.  The tracking room will have 4 sets of KRK 8400 headphones on 2 separate monitor sends.

Wiring is based on 12 channels from the drum booth, and a further 8 channels from the main tracking room … providing The Shack now with a massive amount of recording flexibility.

Almost finished ….