Save it for 2 Weekends

In September 2014, Save It For The Weekend (SIFTW) returned to The Shack to record their new single Landslide.  These kids are from a local high school and are a fantastic studio and rockin’ live band. The session was spread over 2 weekends with the first session focused on finalizing all of the tracking including drums, bass and rhythm guitar, with preliminary lead and vocals. The following Sunday we finalized the lead guitar and vocals.


Weekend #1

The first day was a very long session, commencing with finalizing some amendments to the demo (guide) track.  We spent a fair bit of time setting up and tuning the kit, mic selection and placement.



For all you tech heads, Anthony played a 4 piece Sonor kit with a 14” Brady block Jarrah snare.  What a nice kit and sounded great in the Shack.  Mic selections pretty simple with 10 mics used.


Kick : In Audix D6, Out JTS NX2

Snare : Top SM57, Bottom : JTS-CX505

Toms : JTS-CX505

Hats : Behringer C2

Overheads : Rode NT5 matched pair

Room: Rode K2 in figure 8 pattern, Rode NT1 in cardoid pattern


Anthony cut loose with 3 rocking takes.  Take notice of the fast kicking as the song heads to the outro.  He’s a lefty who plays on a righty kit … and this kid is hot.  We kept Take 3 as the final (unedited) take.


Dane’s bass was lined straight into the Presonus 16.4.2AI and rocked out a hot take that was amazingly locked solid with the kick.  What a rockin’ performance, and gave us a great bed for building the remainder of the song.

Kye and Christian did a composite of takes on the guitar including some doubles and re-takes. Check out the wild crankin’ wha pedal solo. Wow that takes me back to the 70’s … and check that Vox amp. Gotta love it!


Guitars : Rode NT1, Shure SM57

 We finished off the day with late vocal session over some rocking takes into the smooth sounding tube Rode K2. Great job Christian.


Weekend #2

In the week between the sessions, I did some comping, editing and a quick volume mix on the raw takes for the boys to have a listen.  They decided to re-run the lead guitar and vocals.

Day 2 was a short but very focused day, with some great guitar doubles by Kye and a great vocal session from Christian.  We did some percussion, harmonies and a couple of quick drop ins to finish off a very productive day.



The mixing was to be done in the ‘big smoke’ in Sydney.  I did some further comping of the Day 2 takes and prepared the 27 tracks for uploading to the drop box.

In order to get a feel for the final song, I prepared a preliminary Shack Mix prior to the final mastered release on the same 27 tracks.

The Shack (preliminary mix)


Master and Video

During the 2 day tracking session the guys took a heap of footage, and Kye prepared a great video to sit on the final mix.  Details are being finalized for the formal release of Landslide single and video.

Hopefully the guys are writing heaps of new material for new releases in 2015.

These guys are rocking and going to do great things in 2015.  Check them out at Facebook, or come back to ThirdPartyAudio for any updates.