Never “Faile” in Nashville

Steven Faile is a great singer / songwriter from Nashville.  He wrote and recorded this great song called Making Me Your Man in his home studio, and released to his Soundcloud and the Home Studio Corner network (in March 2015).  Unfortunately Steven was unable to get hold of a real drummer for the session and programmed some pretty cool rhythms using his drum simulation software.  The song sounded great but lacked that ‘loose’ timing and feel of a real drummer.

As Steven and I both network on the same HSC forum, I took the liberty of recording my drums to his song at The Shack on a Sunday afternoon. My Brady kit was already mic’d up at The Shack, so it was a very easy process.  I simply played along with the original Souncloud version of the song, and recorded 10 files using Studio One Pro through my Presonus SL16.4.2AI interface.  The final take was not perfect (maybe the least worst of the 3 takes) but by now I’d run out of time.

From there it was a simple process to upload the 10 drum files files to my drop box for Steven to download.  Later that evening he re-mixed the song and sent me the final version.  The song sounds great and I’m really proud to have been a part of this project.  Take a listen to the result.

And don’t forget to check out Steven at Soundcloud.


Making Me Your Man – Steven Faile – Perry Moyses (drums)



KIT – Brady 4 piece – Fiber shells with a block jarrah snare – 18×20 kick, 10×10 tom, 14×14 tom, 14×6 snare, Paiste hats and cymbals

MICS – Audix D6, SM57, JTS condensors, Rode NT5, Rode NT1, RodeK2





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