Rain at The Shack

Console Mixing Challenge – Rain (Joe Gilder)



WrittenJoe Gilder in June 2017

Recorded – Home Studio Corner June 2017

Additional tracks – Kev (bass), Pat (sax), Pez (drums) recorded at The Shack in July 2017

Bass (DI), Sax (Rode NT1) Kick (Audix D6), Snare SM57, Toms (Rode M5), OH (Rode NT5), Rooms (Behringer C1)

Mixing Challenge – re-mix using only available processing on SL 16.4.2 consoles

Track Count – 38 total tracks >> 32 Channels

Channels – 2 x 16 channels on SL16.4.2 consoles


All tracks were played from Studio One with no audio processing into the SL consoles.  Background vocals and some acoustic guitars were summed into 2 stereo busses due to track count limitations.

Console 1 is the old original (8 year old) SL16.4.2 for tracks 01-16 processing claps, djembe, shaker, tambourine, guitars and background vocals.  The main out of this console was fed into Aux A of the second console.

Console 2 is the SL16.4.2 AI (5 years old) for tracks 17-32 processing drums, bass, sax and vocals and blending with the Aux mix from Console 1.  The final stereo out is processed as a mix bus, and fed back into Studio One and recorded in real time.

The computer is a 5 year old MacBook Pro running Studio One Professional.  All mixing was done using headphones (HD650 and KRK6400).

The only ‘processing’ in Studio One is via a level meter, spectrum analyzer, and a slight volume bump before being exported as a final MP3 for release to the VIP group of the HSC community.

Great song – great fun – great challenge.







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