Rain at The Shack

Console Mixing Challenge – Rain (Joe Gilder)



WrittenJoe Gilder in June 2017

Recorded – Home Studio Corner June 2017

Additional tracks – Kev (bass), Pat (sax), Pez (drums) recorded at The Shack in July 2017

Bass – DI, Sax – Rode NT

Kick (Audix D6), Snare SM57, Toms (Rode M5), OH (Rode NT5), Rooms (Behringer C1)

Mixing Challenge – re-mix using only available processing on SL 16.4.2 consoles

Track Count – 38 total tracks >> 32 Channels

Channels – 2 x 16 channels on SL16.4.2 consoles


All tracks were played from Studio One with no audio processing into the SL consoles.  Background vocals and some acoustic guitars were summed into 2 stereo busses due to track count limitations.

Console 1 is the old original (8 year old) SL16.4.2 for tracks 01-16 processing claps, djembe, shaker, tambourine, guitars and background vocals.  The main out of this console was fed into Aux A of the second console.

Console 2 is the SL16.4.2 AI (5 years old) for tracks 17-32 processing drums, bass, sax and vocals and blending with the Aux mix from Console 1.  The final stereo out is processed as a mix bus, and fed back into Studio One and recorded in real time.

The computer is a 5 year old MacBook Pro running Studio One Professional.  All mixing was done using headphones (HD650 and KRK6400).

The only ‘processing’ in Studio One is via a level meter, spectrum analyzer, and a slight volume bump before being exported as a final MP3 for release to the VIP group of the HSC community.

Great song – great fun – great challenge.







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