Said The People

The Shack – Saturday 11 July 2015

What a treat to have Said The People back at The Shack recording the demo tracks for their up coming release.  Reid, Jacko and Jack put down some rocking beds of all new material.  What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Looking forward to when the rest of the band comes in to fine tune the session.

Jack played my Brady and had the kit really bouncing with some great chops.  For all the tech heads : the kit is a 4 piece Brady with a 18×20 kick, 10×10 rack tom and a 14×14 floor tom.  All toms are the original Brady Fiber shells which I had custom made by Chris Brady in 1987.  The snare is a 14 x 6.5 block jarrah with Remo Ambassador top head and Renaissance bottom head.  The toms are fitted with Emperor clears on the top and Ambassador clears on the bottom.  The kick has an Aquarian Super Kick 1 with a minimal amount of damping.  Actually, none of the drums have any damping at all.  Nice ringy toms and cracking snare.

The mic up is very simple for the 8 channel capture.  The kick has an Audix D6 mounted inside the drum on a really neat home made isolated mic stand attached to the shell.  The snare has a standard set up with a Shure SM57 on the top and a JTS condenser on the bottom.  The toms are both captured with the same JTS condensers fitted with rim mounts.  The overheads are a crisp and clean with matched pair of Rode NT5’s. We didn’t set up room mic as the guys were playing live, and with bleed everywhere this was not a practical solution.





Jacko plays lead and rhythm with a start through a Vox amp.  Just a Shure SM57 in front of the amp.  What else do you need!  Reid played the bass direct into the audio interface with minimal processing.  The active pickup has a nice growly feel to it with heaps of body to fill out as well as cut through the mix. Reid’s vocals were sang live into a Shure SM58 and there you have it.  A real simple but nice setup to road test some new songs and ideas.

My next job is to rough out some edits and a quick mix to give the guys a feel for how the songs sit with regard structure and feel.  From there, we’ll add in some additional guitars with the rest of the band and make any corrections. Although, from what I’m hearing there won’t be too many of them.  Oh yeah, and re-run all the vocals through the Rode K2 tube mic for the finished product. Here’s a quick sample of “Jump Now”.


Stay tuned for updates on progress of the yet to be named release.

Many thanks for Said The People for choosing Third Party Audio and The Shack to demo their latest work.  What a great bunch of young men with some rockin’ new songs.


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