Who’s Who – Summer Sky 2015


In late 1985 Who’s Who began inception with a vision from keyboardist Tony Bandera, to develop a high quality band from the South West capable of matching it with our city based counterparts. The original line-up consisted with 6 experienced musicians, and a dedicated sound engineer.

Early in 1986, the band commenced by entering a ‘battle of the bands’ competition, and won recording time at No Sweat Studios in the city. These original demos became the foundation of much more song writing, demo recordings and eventually a studio album in 1988.

Who’s Who soon developed a strong following throughout the south west of Western Australia, and toured relentlessly through the late 80’s with pubs, clubs and opening supports for some of the biggest live acts in Australia (Skyhooks, Mondo Rock, Icehouse, Dragon).

Who’s Who – Warwick Hotel – Perth Australia – 1988



In 1988, they went into Planet Studio and recorded their first (and only) album Summer Sky. This was an independent venture which was completely funded by the band’s live performances. The sound was unmistakably 80’s and the 10 song album included several singles that received strong airplay throughout Western Australia.

In 2001 Who’s Who went back to Planet Studio to record a 2 song demo – Living on the Edge and Rain. Both of these songs highlighted the development of the band’s edgier sound and the introduction of the amazing harmonica solo of Bandera.

In 1993, and after 3 line-up changes, the band eventually called it a day and closed an 8 year chapter of one of the Western Australia’s best commercial rock bands.

Now almost 30 years later, Who’s Who will go back into the studio to re-record Summer Sky. The goal this time is to re-create the same songs, but with a contemporary vibe, and to have some fun along the way. The current line-up is the same core that powered through the 80’s, and are all still involved in music after all these years.

Who’s Who 2015 line-up
•  Tony Bandera – keyboards, vocals
•  Joe Zappia – vocals, guitar
•  Daryl ‘Hokka’ Gledhill – lead guitar, vocals
•  Gino Demarte – bass
•  Perry Moyses – drums


July 2015
The first song Nights are Lonely was recorded at The Shack in July 2015. Actually it was more of a jam session than a dedicated day of tracking, but the vibe was great. The song’s structure and lyrics are unchanged from what was written and performed in 1986.  Joe simply nailed it with a powerful vocal performance in the same key from 30 years ago. Results highlight how great songs remain timeless.

Here is a preliminary mix of Nights Are Lonely


November 2015

Our second day of jamming at The Shack produced the fun song Dog Called Ed – or “Gimme Ed” as the punters would sing near midnight in a packed smokey pub in the mid eighties.  This song was written by Tony and sung by Hokka … and we had a great time recording it.  This song was mostly recorded live with just a few touch ups followed by a couple of beers.  Take yourself back to 1986 and enjoy Ed.



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  1. Dion Italiano says:

    Brilliant boys!! This was always one of my most favourite songs!! You blokes Rock!!! I’m in the process of completing my book which I make mention of this song and I thought I’d jump across to the net to see if I could find anything and low and behold I came across this and great to have another listen certainly brought back so many memories!! Wicked guys and all the very best, Kind Regards always, Dion Italiano!!!!

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